Pro-Child before AND after-Birth - A Catholic Family Speaks Out!

Dear Reader,

Maybe we're old-fashioned, but we believe that while life may or may not begin at the instant of conception . . . it is irrefutably true that life does not end at birth.

When those against safe, legal abortions (let's be honest: there always have and always will be abortions, it's just a matter of how) begin taking care of the children in America who are right HERE, right NOW . . . then we will begin to have meaningful dialogue.

Do you think having an abortion is a trip to the mall?

Do you think these girls go out and celebrate?

They grieve and weep and live with the guilt the rest of their lives.

Would they do this if there was a real chance for their babies to have a safe, healthy life?

Not in your wildest dreams . . .

It's so easy to protect someone who doesn't need anything from you but a few hours on the picket line, isn't it?

But are you there for the countless children who were not aborted ?

For the 30 million American children with no health insurance?

Who need healthy food, safe housing, Head Start?

Are you picketing for job training as their Mom's lose
public assistance?

Or for jobs that will pay them a true living wage?

How about picketing for free day-care?

Who's going to take care of the UN-ABORTED when Mommy has to leave them every day to go to work?

You see, we believe children have the same human rights once separated from the bodies of their mothers as they do in-utero . . .
and that is not happening under the Bush administration.

Today a pregnant women is regarded as a miracle of God before the birth of her unborn child.

Yet that same woman is scorned as a miserable welfare-cheat once the child is in her arms rather than in her uterus.

Do you not see the hypocrisy here? How can this be so for you to hard to understand?

I've volunteered for years in clinics that help women find alternatives to abortions. And our hands were tied once the cuteness and the novelty wore off; when the staff stopped bragging about having saved a precious child of God. They were tied by government greed that resent having to provide any thing for any child. After all, that should be the job of their parents, right?

Well, guess what? These babies don't have parents able to meet their needs. They're often born to young women still in need parenting and public assistance because they spent their lives in foster care.

And once you reach 18, you've aged out of the system and are turned out to sink or swim. Most sink . . . they want their babies to have all the love and material comforts they never had . . . and they have no way in hell to provide those things.

Which brings us the subject of adoption versus abortion. We're blessed with great kids who became ours through the love of their birth-mothers and our willingness to adopt them openly.

But don't tell me you're pro-life unless your name's on a waiting list for sick, premature, addicted babies of unknown origin who may have learning, emotional and physical disabilities their entire life.

And do not dare tell me this while thousands and thousands of UN-ABORTED American kids languish in foster care, unwanted by couples who fly around the world and spend up to $100,000.00 to adopt designer-babies.

Babies who often look as different from a white-bread American kid as you can possibly imagine. But guess what? THEY'RE NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN . . . and that's the ONLY difference. They may be just as dark, but they've come from some remote island or country across the world & have papers to prove it.

(Our advice? people who go to such lengths to adopt non-African American kids should stick to pedigreed dogs.)

What's worse, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to find them on picket lines with their signs and buttons, big mouths, and cold, dead hearts. Because that is just how deep the hypocrisy and denial of this Pro-Bush mob goes.

David & Patricia Kelly Matthews and kids
Pro-Child before AND after-Birth