Cheney Uses Profanity to Scold Senior Democrat on Senate Floor
During the annual Senate photo session on June 22, Vice President Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton, the company that won a no-bid contract in Iraq and then allegedly overcharged the government for its work there, reportedly told Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont to go "f--- himself," various news agencies reported. As the Senate class was assembled, Cheney, who serves as president of the Senate, reportedly turned to Leahy and scolded the senior Democratic senator for his recent criticism of Cheney for Halliburton's alleged war profiteering, saying either "go f--- yourself" or "f--- off." When asked for comment later, Cheney's office did not deny that the exchange had taken place. The New York Times reported that Cheney said he did not regret it and "felt better" afterwards." The Washington Post notes that, interestingly, Cheney's profane outburst occurred on the same day the Senate passed legislation described as the "Defense of Decency Act" by 99 to 1. A June poll showed that 28% of Republicans think Bush should drop Vice President Dick Cheney from the Republican ticket.
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