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Catholics Speak Out!

Catholics for Kerry in West Virginia

How can the voting public be educated on political responsibility to a democracy as distinct from their personal religious beliefs? As a Catholic, it seems that the church is confusing its members. Kerry CAN BE antiabortion but allow that other citizens believe that life begins when it is self-sustaining. Beliefs are beliefs; facts are facts. Isn't this the core of a democracy?


I support the Kerry/Edwards ticket because we are a nation in dire need of real leadership.

If Catholics can tolerate a president who likely executed innocent men [refusing to acknowledge the sub standard defense supplied by the state and held the power to stop ALL executions], refused to support a racial hate crime bill and claimed while running for president in 2000 that he supported a state bill that allowed patients to sue their HMO's [when he most certainly did not] and then turns around as President and helps Congress destroy that right. Creates the cumbersome, takes so much time away from the children, "No Child Left Behind" debacle then refuses to appropriate enough monies neccessary to carry out said plan...the list goes on and on.
Members of the Texas TEA [called Terrorists by Bush's Sec of Education Ron Paige] turned out in mass in 2000 to vote FOR BUSH...WHY???? To get him OUT of Texas. Little did they realize it would come back to haunt them...they suffer now and will not make the same mistake. He cannot hurt us from the front seat of his pickup in Crawford.

This is just the tip of the iceberg BUT if none of this matters to you, the lack of honesty and integrity,the disregard for living breathing human life, carelessness with out children's education,our livelyhoods, our enviroment and more.

If none of this matters only that he "presents" himself as a Pro-Lifer for your vote and you actually realize he has flip flopped on that stance then I think with all good conscience you should vote for Bush. You're lying to yourself and he's lying to's a draw.

I want an intelligent,honest and thoughtful President not someone who changes his stance to win votes. John Kerry is a man who happens to be a practicing Catholic a throwback that many have never seen. I grew up with men like him who fought for civil rights and justice and saw the big picture not just what was in front of them. John Kerry's religion is actually what makes him the more complete of the two candidates.
Kerry/ Edwards 2004!!!!


U.S. Catholics are making a grave mistake allying the Church with the Republican party and evangelical Christians.The religious right, made up of primarily Protestant evangelicals, do not share many of the basic tenets of the Catholic Church and are simply using American Catholics to re-elect their divisive and unqualified President.
Evangelical Protestants have a profoundly anti-Catholic message, a message that George W. Bush apparently shares if his 2000 visit to Bob Jones University is any indication.It is politically advantageous for evangelical Protestants to court U.S. Catholics right now: once the election is over,and U.S. Catholics have obediently voted for Mr. Bush, those groups will continue to preach an anti-Catholic message to their young people and the country at large.
The U.S. has a long and proud tradition of patriotic Catholics serving this country. Educated at Catholic colleges (like John Kerry) ,Catholic political leaders have provided a strong moral voice for decades.These Catholic leaders were elected with no help from evangelical Christians, who opposed them at every turn, and ran shameful campaigns to discredit Catholics as "unAmerican" for decades. In comparision, evangelical Christians have no quality colleges, do not value education, and have a truly terrible political record, from opposing a woman's right to vote in the early 1900's to supporting racist candidates in the south. Why are we joining with these people? Are we really willing to throw away 200 years of proving ourselves to be strong civic leaders in this country to join up with a bigoted, uneducated evangelical Protestant tradition? Catholics value education, we value civic involvement, we encourage discussion and, with our much longer historical record, we know enough about religious wars to do everything we can to not start one.
U.S. Catholics have been sold a bill of goods. George W. Bush is not our candidate, he does not share our values and if the Knights of Columbus choose to court evangelical Christian leaders like Mr. Bush, and exclude the Catholic candidate for President, I will not support the Knights of Columbus. I encourage other Catholics to withdraw support from their local K of C.
Chiara Duggan

One can be against abortion and against a philosophy of exclusion (rugged individualism, entrepreneural capitalism, survival of the fittest).

However these two happen to be in different political camps. In the more progressive camp which includes things such as a living wage, health care as a basic human right, funding for early childhood education in urban areas, and yes the right for a woman to choose an abortion, has on balance more in common with the teachings of the Church than the more conservative camp. The more conservative camp champions both the individual entrepreneur and the large multi-national corporations, the bottom line is money rather then
people. Yes they are against abortion because it empowers a particular political base, but where else do conservatives mesh with Catholic teaching. Where is the option for the poor? Where is the real compassion?

It's interesting that many of the people who say that 'true Catholics' need to listen to the teaching of the Church in regards to abortion do not do so when it comes to the war in Iraq, capital punishment, and welcoming gays/lesbians into our communities. The only beliefs that I must adhere to, as a Catholic, are those dogmas within the Creed. The teachings are
those that I must deeply and reverently consider, but my conscious (informed and with prayerful consideration) is the final arbitrator of Church teaching. Each individual, each married couple, and each community under the leadership of their pastor and bishop needs to decide how to best live out their Christian mission. Dissent from teaching is allowed, otherwise doctrine would become stale and misguided; dissent from dogma (as in the creed) is a different

Is John Kerry a perfect Catholic? No, but neither are any of us. The current holder of the office is highly

God Bless all the children of the world.

John L Weitzel

The New York Times

To the editor:
In light of the ongoing discussions over whether or not Catholic-Christians can vote for political candidates who are pro-choice, I suggest
those interested visit the web site

There you'll find that our own Bishop Bernard Schmitt was but one of183 bishops at the June, 2004 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who voted against using the Eucharist as a political tool. While only six American bishops favored doing so.

And, yes, it is documented truth that Pope John Paul II did give Communion to the liberal, pro-abortion politician Francesco Rutelli on
several occasions during the Jubilee Year celebrations in Rome, as pointed out by M.A. Matson in an excellent letter of July 27.

I pray this will enlighten and reassure Ms. Johnson whose letter of July 22, was so critical of Bishop Schmitt and Senator John Kerry.

Hopefully, with her mind at rest over the state of their souls, she'll have more time to volunteer at The Gabriel Project, Christian Help,
etc. where the needy, un-aborted children of WV are cared for by loving people of every religion who are pro-child before AND after birth.

Patricia Kelly Matthews - Morgantown, WV

I am very sad and disheartened about the divisiveness of this single issue ...PROLIFE/PROCHOICE.... my daughter was recently told in her catholic school that people who are pro choice are baby killers, she came home very distressed to a mother who is an independent who strongly supports John Kerry, who values all life, human (in all forms)
animal and plant but who also values social justice for the living, it's not enough to ensure that they simply have a pulse and a heartbeat. My daughter was so confused, and frightened. I was very disappointed and the whole stance of the catholic institution has made me worry, It has made me sad.
---- A catholic mother of three

For those of you who keep arguing back and forth that making abortion illegal will end abortion, I must shatter that delusion. I grew up in Ireland where abortion was illegal and abortion still happened. Do not fool yourselves that making abortion illegal will end this problem, changing hearts and giving realistic alternatives and giving people
hope and tools in their lives is the way to truly tackle this problem. If you really are pro life then you need to tackle it a different way, enforcing a law may make you feel like you've handled it, but you will be fooling yourself and all this polarizing of good people of faith will have been for nought. ---- A catholic mother of three

Found your site, and am greatly pleased with it.
The one issue voter is what is destroying this country. I am a catholic and have 9 children. I am a member of the United Mine Workers of America. My oldest son is a gunner on a helicopter and served on the Lincoln. Now he is on the Stennis heading back towards the gulf. He has been training with the navy seals practicing incursions.
I to believe in the sanctity of life, but I also believe our young men and women are not expendable for oil for bush.
I have never and will never support the republican agenda, they use terms like right to life, right to work, and on and on and on. They are all lies to further their real agenda the accumulation of wealth.
Christ said, give ceaser what is due ceaser and give God what is due God. That my fellow Catholics is separation of church and state.
We must support ending this unjust war and keeping our children safe they (the soldiers) also have a right to life.

A Wyoming Catholic

John Kerry for President

I am a registered Democrat who supported and voted for Ralph Nader in the last two Presidential elections. I felt that Bill Clinton and Al Gore did not accurately represent the interests of Democrats, and that they promoted a culture of dishonesty. After 4 years of George W. Bush, Clinton & Gore don’t look so bad after all.

Under President Clinton, the United States enjoyed 8 years of relative peace, unprecedented prosperity, and a budget surplus. It took George Bush only three years to plunge us into an unnecessary and ill-advised war, to reverse the trend of economic prosperity, and to squander the surplus on tax cuts that mainly benefit the wealthy. In addition, Bush has weakened the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, shown complete disregard for energy efficiency, created record budget deficits, and jeopardized the future of Social Security with his tax cuts.

The Democratic Nominee for President, Senator John Kerry (D-MA), isn’t a perfect candidate, but he’s our best option for reversing the disasters created by the Bush administration. He's a decorated Vietnam War veteran, a former spokesperson for Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and a United States Senator with 20 years of experience. On the crucial issues facing our country - the economy, energy policy, the environment, Social Security, health care and foreign policy - John Kerry has a proven record and will put American back in the right direction. I disagree with him on certain issues, most notably abortion (I have always been pro-life). I have concluded that I can dissent with Senator Kerry on this issue but still support his candidacy. (Please see my letter to him regarding this).

This year, I will vote for John Kerry for President, and I urge all voters concerned about the future of our country to strongly consider doing the same.

-Eddie Konczal, April 16, 2004

April 13, 2004

Dear Senator Kerry,

I am a registered Democrat and a supporter of your candidacy for President of the United

I also happen to be pro-life on the issue of abortion. While I understand that your position is pro-choice, I urge you not to leave behind pro-life Democrats in your quest for the Presidency.

Many Democrats like myself maintain a pro-life position because it is consistent with the liberal philosophy that government should protect those who can't help themselves. This philosophy encompasses environmental protection, consumer product safety, opposition to the death penalty, economic assistance for the poor and working class, eradicating child poverty - and protecting the unborn.

As pro-life liberal commentator Nat Hentoff pointed out in his recent column, "Reclaiming pro-lifers" (The Washington Times, March 29, 2004, the loss of Democratic seats in Congress correlates with the defection of pro-life Democrats from the party. Many pro-life Democrats live in midwestern and southern states - which will be crucial in the November presidential election. Finally, even in liberal New Jersey, I know many Catholic and pro-life Democrats who are reluctant to vote for you based on your pro-choice position.

The Republican Party has established a "big tent" to include voters who disagree with the party's platform on abortion - why can't the Democrats? Since the Republicans have softened on this issue, the Democrats should also be able to do so without severe political repercussions.

Please do not ignore or alienate pro-life voters like myself in your (hopefully successful) candidacy for the Presidency.

Best regards,
Eddie Konczal

LETTER: Bush doesn't promote 'culture of life'
The Cranbury Press, 05/14/2004

To the editor:

I'm a pro-life Catholic who also happens to be a liberal Democrat.
Impossible, you say? Not really.
A pro-life position is consistent with the liberal philosophy that government should protect those who can't help themselves. This philosophy encompasses environmental protection, universal health care, protecting Social Security, fighting child poverty — and protecting the unborn.
I acknowledge George Bush's achievements on pro-life issues, particularly in signing the ban on partial-birth abortion and the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. But when I examine the rest of his record, I find little evidence that he promotes a "culture of life."
His weakening of environmental laws threatens all human life, present and future. His obsession with Iraq has already cost America the lives of over 700 soldiers. And as governor of Texas, he showed little remorse in allowing a record number of executions.
Although I disagree with John Kerry's pro-choice views, I support his candidacy because I feel he is preferable to George W. Bush on all other issues affecting the quality of human life.

Eddie Konczal

Hello, yes indeed I have some thoughts. I am indeed a Roman Catholic and I reside in the Peoria Illinois Diocese and I am from Ottawa Illinois and in case you are indeed wondering where Ottawa Illinois is indeed at Ottawa is about 85-90 miles west of Chicago Illinois on Interstate 80. I indeed attend Saint Columbia Roman Catholic church here in Ottawa Illinois and we have 2 of the most Extremely outstanding Priests in the country Pastor Father David keeper and associate pastor Father Keith Welder Saint Columbia is the most outstanding Roman Catholic Church in the country. I am indeed John Kerrys buddy from the Buddies organization in Washington DC. on the Internet it is an organization for disabled adults. Like myself John Kerry is an extremely outstanding buddy Indeed. Dale


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