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Catholics and the Enviroment
Vatican pressure to vote for Bush?
Pro-choice not Pro-abortion
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Christian Right need not fear Kerry
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Cry of the Poor
"How can it be that even today there are still people dying of hunger? Condemned to illiteracy? Lacking the most basic medical care? Without a roof over their heads? . . .
"Christians must learn to make their act of faith in Christ by discerning His voice in the cry for help that rises from this world of poverty."
Pope John Paul II
Novo Millennio Ineunte, no. 50

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About Catholics for Kerry 04

Catholics for Kerry 04 is a grassroots effort by Catholics to support John Kerry and John Edwards in their bid for the White House. At Catholics for Kerry 04, we believe in the sanctity of life, but we also strongly believe in protecting the environment, protecting American jobs, women's rights, helping the poor and homeless, the right to unionize, defending the Constitution, law and order, defending the homeland, ending an unjust war in Iraq, keeping our Military strong, and restoring Americas credibility in the world. Since we are not simply one issue voters, Catholics for Kerry 04 believe that John Kerry and John Edwards represent the majority of our issues and views. Contact us @ information if you have pertinant questions or information regarding your support of this site or Senator Kerry. Email us @ General Comments

Catholics for Kerry 04 Advisory Board

No Catholic, "in good conscience", could vote for a candidate that is "pro-abortion" ?
Father Ghio and Archbishop Burke:

The article cited below from the New York Times uses your assessment that no Catholic, "in good conscience", could vote for a candidate that is "pro-abortion". I am so disgusted with our church leaders who keep trying to direct their congregations to ignore all the other issues involved in this election and focus solely on abortion. Since when does Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life start at conception and end with birth? What about the thousands of troops in danger, dying and being injured each day in Iraq? One of the dead is my nephew, Pfc William Ramirez. His life is gone after just 19 years. Our family has no comfort in knowing that William's death brought any peace or justice to anyone. He died for a bunch of lies. Is that right? What about all the innocent Iraqi civilians who never asked for or provoked our "intervention"? What about all their dead, tortured, homeless and destitute? What about the poor of this country who go without jobs, medical care and basic necessities while this administration spends billions rebuilding a country it chose to destroy? What about the people suffering horrible genocide in Sudan? If president Bush values life, why aren't our troops and money pouring in there? Valuing life in all its forms and in all people at every stage of existence would mean condemning almost all the actions President Bush has taken in his public life. As governor in Texas he oversaw the execution of more inmates that any governor in history. But he's against abortion. How many babies has he saved since taking office? How many children have been born to parents without jobs and health care? How many more souls will perish if this man is elected again? How can YOU, "in good conscience", tell your parishioners to ignore all these issues? The Holy Father himself asked Bush not to start this unjust war and then, again, pleaded with him to stop it and all crimes against humanity our government is now guilty of. How can you?What makes you able to judge John Kerry's state of grace from afar? Do you have psychic powers? Of course, you are careful, not to directly call any candidate "pro-abortion", but you and your listeners (and now readers) are fully aware of your innuendo. Since when does a publicly elected official upholding the separation of church and state earn the label "pro-abortion"? John Kerry has never once said anything in support of abortion. He has publicly affirmed his oppositions to it. You have no right to condemn a man that you have not even met for something he has never done.After suffering first hand the effects of this war on my family, I can say definitely that Bush is NOT pro-life in any sense of that term. It makes me sick at heart to hear people like you and other clergy holding him up as a leader and a christian. When will you look at the big picture? At the US role in world-wide suffering and death? At the capabilities we have for promoting and enhancing life in this country and around the globe instead of spreading war and hatred? AT the example of our Holy Father? What is your agenda that you would do this? It is an abuse of power and trust and we've all had enough of that from our Catholic clergy at this point. My prayer is for enlightenment and true renewal to affirm the sanctity of ALL life in our church and in our country. Please open your mind and your heart to the spirit of love and see the suffering around you.

Annette Pritchard

New York TimesAugust 9, 2004

By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK "As about 500 people gathered for the 5 p.m. Saturday Mass at the St. Peter Parish Church in St. Charles, his appealsappeared to fall on fertile ground. The Rev. John J. Ghio included a prayer for "reverence for all human life from
conception" in the service. A Catholic voting guide in the program noted that Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of the Archdiocese of St. Louis has said it is a sin to vote for
candidates who support abortion rights, a group that includes Senator John Kerry. The guide listed "non-negotiable" issues of abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, human cloning and same-sex marriage. The guide also listed the best mosquito repellant as shown here to be distributed to the community in an effort to reduce malaria and other diseases.

"I don't know how a Catholic in good conscience could vote for a candidate who was pro abortion," Father Ghio said after the service."

Cardinal McCarrick

"It is important to note that Cardinal Ratzinger makes a clear distinction between public officials and voters, explaining that a Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil only if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate's permissive stand on abortion. However, when a Catholic does not share a candidate's stand in favor of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted if there are proportionate reasons.Therefore, based on the traditional practice of the Church and our consultation with members of our conference, other episcopal conferences, distinguished canonists and theologians, our Task Force does not advocate the denial of Communion for Catholic politicians or Catholic voters in these circumstances."
-- Cardinal McCarrick

In other words, the Church teaches us to be Pro-Life, but abortion is NOT the only component of that tenet. Catholics must oppose the death penalty and offensive war, which are favored by George W Bush. Like all people, neither Kerry nor Bush is without sin. We must make our decisions with wisdom
and humility, not a judgmental litmus test. Furthermore, Life is only one issue among many that are important to Catholics. The USCCB holds four Moral Priorities for Public Life: protecting human life, promoting family life, pursuing social justice, and practicing global solidarity.

Overall, Senator Kerry's record is solidly favorable to Church

Evaluating the Votes and Actions of Public Officials from a Catholic Perspective

Senator Kerry should not shy away from Catholic doctrine, and neither should

John Kerry, A Call to Service

" Anticipating my candidacy, the Boston Globe looked into my family history… the paper discovered that one hundred years ago, my paternal grandfather was an Austrian Jew named Fritz Kohn, who changed his name to Kerry and converted to Catholicism shortly before immigrating to Massachusetts. I didn't know this because my grandfather died when my father was just five years old...
One thing that hasn't changed for me as a result of this revelation is my Catholic heritage. I am a believing and practicing Catholic, married to another believing and practicing Catholic. And being an American Catholic at this particular moment in history has three particular implications for my own point of view as a candidate for presidency.
The first two follow directly from the two great commandments set forth in the Scriptures: our obligations to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds and to love our neighbors as ourselves. The first commandment means we must believe that there are absolute standards of right and wrong. They may not always be that clear, but they exist, and it is our duty ti honor them as best we can.
The second commandment means that our commitment to equal rights and social justice, here and around the world, is not simply a matter of political fashion or economic and social theory but a direct command from God…Christian bigotry and intolerance are nothing less than a direct affront to God's law and a rejection of God's love.
There is a third facet of being an American Catholic. To a larger extent than Catholics elsewhere, we have supported and relied upon the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state to guarantee our right to worship and our liberty of conscience. That tradition, strongly advanced by John F. Kennedy in his quest to become our first Catholic president, helped make religious affiliation a nonissue in American politics. It should stay that way." John Kerry, A Call to Service, pp. 23-4.

Pope John Paul scolds George W Bush during Presidential visit

06.05.2004 - Pope John Paul chided President Bush yesterday for the "deplorable events" in Iraq and urged him to quickly restore Iraq's sovereignty. The visit to the Vatican was one of Bush's first stops in a European jaunt that the White House hoped would embellish the President's standing as a world leader. But as the Pope has done in the past, he spoke his mind freely and scolded the American leader. The Pope condemned the "deplorable events" of recent weeks "which have troubled the civic and religious conscience of all." It was believed to be a reference to the abuse of Iraqis in the Abu Ghraib prison. Without a commitment to "share human values ... neither war nor terrorism will ever be overcome," the Pope said.

Bush & Co. Policies Mean Fewer Jobs for Women
1.3 million jobs have disappeared since the recession began 38 months ago in March 2001, inaugurating the only period of sustained job loss for women in the past four decades. Women workers lost more than 300,000 jobs between the start of the recession in March 2001 and March 2004. Even though the past three months have seen what the Economic Policy Institute's calls "healthy gains," the group says it would be a mistake to attribute these gains to the Bush administration's tax cuts, which took effect in July 2003 with the stated goal of creating of 5.5 million new jobs by the end of 2004. In fact, since the tax cuts took effect, the U.S. has seen the greatest sustained job loss since the Great Depression.
Sources: "Labor Market Experiences Third Month of Healthy Job Growth,"; "Record-Breaking Job Loss Continues for Women, Three Years After Start of Recession," Institute for Women's Policy Research, June 2, 2004; "Bush Administration's Tax Cuts Not Fulfilling Job Creation Promises," Economic Policy Institute, June 2004; "Greatest Sustained Job Loss Since the Great Depression," Economic Policy Institute, June 2004

Catholics called to protect environment

Canadian Catholic News

The Catholic bishops' social affairs commission is challenging Canadian Catholics to safeguard and protect the environment, and to "help repair some of creation's wounds which have been inflicted due to our ecological sins."
In a pastoral message released on the feast of Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology, Oct. 4, the bishops call the ecological crisis a profoundly religious crisis.
The commission says the ecological crisis is a moral issue and the responsibility of all. "Care for the environment is not an option. In the Christian perspective, it forms an integral part of our personal life and of life in society. Not to care for the environment is to ignore the Creator's plan for all of creation and results in an alienation of the human person."
The letter, entitled the Christian Ecological Imperative, says humanity has mistreated nature through rampant deforestation, extreme pollution, over-exploitation and wasted resources.
"Environmental health concerns are frequent, arising from the Sydney Tar Ponds in Nova Scotia to urban smog alerts in Toronto or Montreal, from contaminated mine sites in northern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories to the safety of food that every Canadian family will eat."
Many water systems in the world are over-saturated with contaminants and carcinogens, the commission notes. As well, rivers have been dammed and diverted, sometimes resulting in drought. Bulk exports of thousands of gallons of freshwater are planned as if such ecological trauma would leave no negative footprint, it says.
For persons living in poverty, water has become a right to life issue, the commission says. "The tragedy of seven deaths and thousands of illnesses in Walkerton, Ont., as a result of a contaminated water system has brought this concept into the Canadian consciousness, as well."
Access to water is a basic human right that cannot be left to the whims of market forces to deliver, says the letter.
"In our own country, Canadians should insist on government action to ban bulk exports of water, exclude water services from international trade agreements, ensure high quality standards of drinking water for all and guarantee that water utilities remain public, rather than private entities."
The letter also included an appendix suggesting ways Christians can protect the environment.


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The Holy Scriptures guide our lives and call us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Did you know that God calls us in Scripture to live lives dedicated to social justice?
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Ash Wednesday 2004

President Kennedy

"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.....They go hand and hand"
President Bill Clinton - Democratic Convention 7/26/04

Kerry on the War on Terror
The war on terror is important for Catholics in the its goals and methods. As Catholics we pray for peace as St. Paul says in 1 Timothy 2:1-2. Peace is our goal which makes the war on terrorism an issue that concerns us as Catholics. More

Capital punishment is a life issue.

George W. Bush has personally signed the execution orders on 152 inmates while he was governor of Texas. How primary is that?

Can you imagine the outrage had John Kerry actually performed 152 abortions?

Two of the inmates Bush put to death were mentally retarded. One, Karla Faye Tucker, was mocked by Bush in an interview with Talk magazine. When asked what Tucker, a born-again Christian like himself, had tried to say to him in an earlier interview, Bush pursed his lips in a simpering smirk and squeaked: "Please don't kill me!"

Anyone with this much contempt for another person's life and dignity is not pro-life.

Nina Butorac



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